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Velvet Acres Gardens

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Velvet Acres Gardens

Gary & Helen Boldt

18905 NE 83rd Street

Vancouver, WA 98682





see you in May with Hanging Baskets!!!

Velvet Acres is a 3rd generation family run farm. The 80 acre farm was  Established in 1969 by Harlan and Ruth Boldt as a Dairy Farm, milking 30 cows by hand. Their son Gary and his wife Helen soon took over the farm.  Eventually, and with the help of their 3 children Marty, Mischel, and Crystal they grew it to milking 200+ head of Holsteins for over 30 years.  As the growth in Clark County rapidly increased and the housing encroached on the farm lands, things started to change.  More restrictions and regulations to comply with as a Dairy.  Farmers started to leave the area for “greener pasture”.  Along with that the vendors and suppliers started to move out of the area as well, making it more and more challenging to operate as a Dairy Farm.


It was time for a Change---


Not wanting to leave the community  or give up farming, We decided to diversify.  We sold the cows and went to growing vegetables.  In 2009 we started growing pumpkins.  The following year we expanded with more vegetables and flowers.  Now with the help of our youngest daughter Crystal, we have the produce stand open here on the farm and sell our vegetables to other local markets.  We also raise and sell hay and beef on the farm as well.


We invite you to stop by for a visit.  Your support is appreciated and important to keep agriculture alive in Clark County.

We look forward to seeing you!




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